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Our Cashmere

The company is run in collaboration with a Mongolian goat herd whose family has been grazing Cashmere goats since 1930 and produces its own raw wool. The company's goal is to offer high quality Cashmere products. Getherden has its own factory in inner Mongolia where the company's products are manufactured, enabling us to have complete transparency and control over the entire production chain - from raw material to finished product.

The Arbas goats are a species of the Cashmere goat that produces the finest Cashmere fibers in the world. These goats have wool in the colors natural beige, gray and the most important color - the natural white. Since these goats are naturally lighter than other Cashmere goats, their wool is perfect for dyeing the wool as it requires less color and can be colored by organic colors which also makes our products suitable for infants.

Mongolian shepherds are deeply rooted in their ancient tradition and culture. They love the land and protect it with their knowledge of how to balance the number of animals and environmental impact.

We always respect tradition and culture and follow the environmental protection rules when working with the shepherds in different parts of the Gobi region.

With the unique advantage of resource utilization, professional work team and strict quality awareness, we are able to make long-lasting and valuable Cashmere sweaters for our customers.

About the area

The area where our goats graze is located in the southern part of the large Gobi region. It is a large region of desert, peninsula and mountains in Inner Mongolia. The winds from the Siberian steppes cause the area to receive extreme cold, down to -46 °C in winter. The climate in the area has one of the most extreme weather conditions in the world. In these circumstances, the Cashmere goats grazes.

Cashmere wool is the fine, thin hair from the bottom of the Cashmere goats. The majority of all Cashmere wool comes from these goats in Mongolia who need the extreme climate to get to the warm wool. The cold winters have forced these goats to adapt to the cold by developing two layers of their wool. They have an outer layer that protects the lower layer from water. The lower layer consists of thin and fine hairs with strong insulating properties. The bottom layer is the raw material for Cashmere sweaters.

Not all Cashmere goats are the same. Inner Mongolia is generally regarded as the best source of cashmere due to the extreme cold that contributes to the goats getting two different layers of wool, resulting in the longest, thinnest and softest fibers.

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